Open days

OPEN DAYS is an annual event organized by the European Commission in partnership with the Committee of the Regions and other institutional players. It consists of a programme of over 200 workshops held over 4 days in Brussels. For more details of OPEN DAYS click on the following link: 

LUDEN has been active in OPEN DAYS for a number of years. Below are details of events that we have hosted as part of the OPEN DAYS programme

Open Days 2015

"Social innovation in rurban communities"

To register send a mail to:

Open Days 2014


Presentation HS

Presentation MiscoStart - LM

Local-Regional Approaches to Inclusive Entrepreneurship and Social Cohesion - RH

Open Days 2013


Haroon Saad presentation

Open Days 2012

Agenda - Local Responses To Key Challenges

Agenda - Inclusive Growth

Local Responses To Key Challenges Report

Inclusive Growth Report



Open Days 2011

Debate - Jilted Generation

Jilted Generation Report