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Institute of Human Resource Development is a foundation - a social and educational organization, whose statutory objective is to include:

  • Promoting the knowledge society, lifelong learning and constant upgrading of skills,
  • Promoting and activities for active citizenship, European integration and to develop contacts and cooperation between societies,
  • To promote patriotic values,
  • Increasing access to education and lifelong learning,
  • Support for students, adults in acquiring knowledge, providing them with assistance, consultation, including during study abroad,
  • Taking measures to combat unemployment and promote employment,
  • Promotion and organization of teaching people with disabilities, unemployed and seeking work,
  • Measures to protect cultural heritage
  • The organization, management and promotion of cultural activities,
  • Conducting and supporting environmental actions,
  • Being involved in social welfare, including the leveling of social differences.

Human Resources Development Institute collaborates with reputable foreign partners - universities, training centers. Conducts professional training and language learning in the institution HOME COLLEGE European Centre for Language Education and Training, also drawing the experience of foreign partners.

Allows Polish students to study abroad, foreign languages, participation in vocational training, education in secondary schools and graduated from the universities. In cooperation with foreign foundations and training centers also provide educational programs aimed at cultural integration, as well as gaining skills and qualifications through theoretical training and practical work.
Human Resources Development Institute MEL certified personal counseling, vocational guidance and placement services in Poland and abroad.
Actively participates in the Lublin region. Since 2004, the EU projects - SOP HRD, IROP, PO KL, FIO financed by the ESF and state budget, aimed at the socio - economic development of the country and the region, training and language training, consulting and professional information for people employed, unemployed and the risk of losing their jobs, to gain new skills and professional qualifications. One of the projects implemented Telestrada the future of the IROP Dział.2.4 was honored as an example of good practice in the promotion of good practices of the Ministry of Regional Development and was awarded the Minister of Regional Development in the "Best Practices ESF" - the title of "man's best investment in 2007."
Are also implemented international projects with foreign partners, including through the PROGRESS program, Grundtvig and Leonardo Da Vinci.
Institute of Human Resource Development:

  • Conducts educational programs,
  • Provides training and language training,
  • Conducts personal counseling and vocational training;
  • Assists in employment.
  • Provide necessary advice and support to all interested in education,
  • Assists in the selection and admission to college, vocational courses, language and other educational programs in the country and abroad,
  • Provides funding for science.

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