Partners - City of Sevilla

Sevilla City will participate in this project by its department of Economy and Employment, as the body responsible for promoting the city’s socio-economic growth in Sevilla City, with the following divisions:

Entrepreneurial Culture Advancement Division: planning projects that give broad coverage to the subject of entrepreneurial actuality while inciting and stimulating young people;
Enterprise Assessment and Support Division: informing, assessing, orientating, supporting and tutoring are called for to help business people be successful in the process of creating and consolidation new enterprise and to reduce to the maximum degree the risks and uncertainties inherent to the process;
Training and Business Orientation Division: training businesspeople and professionals who equate to high profitability given that they make a decisive contribution to the viability and sustaining of a business venture;

As result of years working with entrepreneurs and businesspeople, Sevilla City was concerned about the difficulties of certain people who had no choice in getting the financial resources to set up their entrepreneurship. To solve that we developed a program of microcredits, first without formal agreements with those credit institutions who we knew had social founds and had implemented already microcredit programs for people in risk of social exclusion, by giving them report on the amount, rates, commissions, and advising on how elaborate the business plan and later on by searching on our local credit institutions the commitment to work together.

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