Local Actions

WPG Strategy Development

Each of the partners established a Local Action Group right at the outset of the project. These LAG’s brought together local women who were active in gender equality work. They also sought, where possible, to create links with political parties as one of the overall goals of the project was to try and get political parties to improve their practice in promoting and supporting women. Each LAG also developed an action plan/local strategy. 

The appendix that provides details of the members of the Local Action Groups, details oftheir meetings, their local action plans and supporting documentation (agenda’s list of participants, presentations etc.) is available here .

Base Line Study

The aim of the Base Line Study was to give an overview of the evolution of women’s presence in politics at EP level, national, regional and local levels, to provide data on participation of women in political parties and women’s voting patterns and have an overview of policy  that has sought to promote more women into politics in the 13 countries. Within the study each partner provided an overview of concrete practices that have been undertaken generally and by political parties to attract more women into politics. The Base line study is available in National language and a Summary in English.

Agenda, list of participants and main documents of all the countries involved are available here .

National/Regional Campaign

The objective of developing a National / Regional Campaign was to raise awareness on European Elections and on voting for women candidate. Each partner developed awareness raising activities aimed at attracting people, mainly women, to vote in the European elections and  persuading voters to vote for female candidates.  Dissemination activities has been undertaken by partners and constituted an essential part of the local action strategy /campaign as they aimed to diffuse campaign’s activities and events through complementary mechanisms and networking channels. 

Agenda, list of participants and main documents of all the countries involved are available here .

Women Candidate Support Programme

The Candidate Support Program was designed as tool for potential women candidates. The aim of the activity was first to identify current perceptions and attitudes of both men and women citizens towards women political candidates, including stereotypes and expectations of citizens regarding women political candidates; and secondly to use those information to create the content and material for a training empowerment program organized for a selected group of women candidates.

Agenda, list of participants and other main documents of all the countries involved are available here (Bulgary and Czech Republic), and here (the remaining countries).