Partners - Intercultural Institute Timisoara

The Intercultural Institute of Timisoara, Romania (IIT) is an autonomous, non-governmental organization, having a cultural, civic and scientific activity, without political purposes, which address the European values and principles concerning interculturality. IIT was established in 1992.

Youth work and integration of less privileged young people was a continue priority reflected in its activities.  In 2003 Intercultural Institute Timisoara brought in Timisoara the concept and the structure of Local Youth Council (LYC) and since then it coordinates its activities. Intercultural Institute Timisoara is an active member organisation in two important European youth networks: Youth Express Network and European Peer Training Organisation. In the period 2010 - 2012 IIT is a partner in the multi-measure project coordinated by the Youth Express Network on the topic of employment of the young people, called You(th) are the champions! - A project that address the employability of young people with three methods: coaching, volunteering and entrepreneurship. IIT is being represented also in the European consortium of the European Youth Forum - Youth Employment Action. Since 2011, IIT is also partner of the project Tackling Young People’s Welfare in Europe - TYPE.

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