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SAMDARRA (Santé mentale, précarité, demandeurs d’asile, réfugiés en Rhône-Alpes / Mental Heath, health insecurity, asylum seekers and refugees in Rhône-Alpes) is a regional network which has been created in the Le Vinatier Hospital Center under the responsibility of Dr Halima Zéroug-Vial in the general framework of the General Psychiatric East-Pole. The network staff is composed of Gwen Le Goff, Coordinatrice, and Catherine Pellier-Cuit, clinic Psychologist.

This Network is supported by the GRSP and a Regional Coordination Committee which gather the decentralised state services alongside with the local authorities and the regional associations and institutions concerned by the topic.

The overall objective is to improve the health care services for asylum seekers or people in a similar situation, to promote mental disease supports’ social practices and to facilitate the construction of adapted responses to the need of this target group regarding mental health. The activities are undertaken hand-in-hand with the local networks in all the department of the Region. The Samdarra Network is first of all a place for providing useful resources to professionals, clinicians or social expert related to mental care in a dynamic continuing researches process. In the long run, an open space will be provided to professionals as well as a intercultural place for asylum seekers.

Gwen Le Goff, Coordinatrice of the Samdarra Network

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