Partners - Roquetas de Mar

Roquetas de Mar has the most important tourism infrastructure of the whole province, the city receives 2/3 of tourism in Almeria. Economic activity has always been realted to the sea in Roquetas (fishing ) Intensive Agriculture became in the 1950s one of the main pillars of the local economy Construction sector has an important role in the economy of Roquetas, following the pattern of many cities in Andalusia.

Programmes linked to immigrants:

  • In cooperation with regional government
    In colaboration with the regional government social affairs department: programmes for the promotion and social integration of migrant women.
  • Local initiatives within the Municipality
    • Psico-social and educational intervention with children, teenagers and migrant families.
    • Intercultural mediation.
    • Programme for information, orientation regarding the improve access to housing and registration (“empadronamiento”) in the municipal services.
  • In cooperation with regional government (other departments)
    • FAIREA (Funds for the hosting and integration of newcomer immigrants)
    • Programme for the development of capacities to access the labour market
    • Programme for awareness-raising through community and citizen participation (“Foro de la participación y la inmigración”)
  • In colaboration with national ministry for employment and migration
    • Programme to promote participation of migrant population in social-economic life of Roquetas de Mar.

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