Partners - Piacenza

The province of Piacenza is located in the north west of Emilia Romagna. It is a local governmental body which promotes the develop of the region and its communities.

The Provincia exercises roles in different areas including social policies whereby on its territory it has the following functions:

  • social planning;
  • collection of the social-welfare needs;
  • management of the Informative System and the Provincial Observatory of the social policies;
  • approvation of the triennial plan that promotes the rights for the childhood and the teenagers and the annual or triennial intervention plan in favour of the immigrants;
  • assignation of contributions for the building and the re-adaptation of its own social structures, choosing the priorities among them;
  • coordination and promotion participation of all the public subjects to the realization of the social intervention and plans;
  • updating of the Provincial Department of the regional register of social cooperatives and the provincial register for the voluntary service organization.

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