Project Steering Group (PSG)

The Project Steering Group consists of one representative from each partner. The PSG is responsible for the development and implementation of an agreed action plan to achieve the project goals as well as undertaking regular monitoring of progress against stated targets and outcomes. The project steering group will meet for 2 days at the start of the project and thereafter every six months for 2 days.

Members of the Steering Group:

Mary Krimnianioti EFXINI POLI (GR)
Jenny Phillimore Institute of Applied Social (UK)
Jorge Miranda Municipality of Amadora (PT)
Tamara Hodas Municipality of Roquetas de Mar (ES)
Anna Pirillo Provincia di Piacenza (IT)
Leslie Boydell Belfast Health Trust (UK)
Aurora Danei Municipality of Milano (IT)
Zeroug-Vial Halima Réseau Samdarra (FR)
Haroon Saad QeC-ERAN (BE)
Giulia Cantaluppi QeC-ERAN (BE)