Local Urban Development European Network (LUDEN)

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Haroon Saad, Director

British/European Pakistani. M.Sc (Econ) in Management studies and Industrial Relations and Ph.d in Public Policy and the Labour Market at Cardiff University College.

Haroon Saad has developed most of his experience in the public and third  sectors. He has worked for several European City Councils, such as Southeast Amsterdam City Council, as Head of Social and Economic Renewal; at Birmingham City Council as Head of Equalities; at Southwark Borough Council as Head of Services and Equality; at Avon City Council as Head of Youth, Community Development and Equal Opportunities.

Since 2003  has been the Director of QeC-ERAN since 2003 (nowadays called Local Urban Development European Network – LUDEN).

LUDEN is a network of cities and Ngo’s where he is responsible for developing and managing  EU projects linked to local urban development. He has worked extensively in several EU programmes, INTERREG, URBACT, PROGRESS, INTEGRATION FUND, LIFE LONG LEARNING,EUROPE FOR CITIZENS, FP 5 , 6 and 7.

Haroon is a doctor in social issues and hold several Master in the above thematic.