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Urb Health

"Establishing a cross national exchange of European urban regeneration practices that can contribute to reducing health inequalities "

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Project Presentation


The Urb Health project is funded through the URBACT programme which aims to produce transferable learning and knowledge about actions taken on key issues linked to the urban context.

Within this framework, the Urb Health project is focusing on a specific topic, namely the interactions between deprived urban areas, health and their socio-economic and cultural dimensions. The aim is to capitalise know-how and practice related to this intersectoral topic that is becoming more and more relevant to local and national public authorities.

With specific regard to URBACT Programme, until now no thematic network has been devoted to this subject. This topic requires an analysis and capitalisation of existing practice in several interconnected areas, according to a holistic approach to urban environment.

Click here for presentation on Urbact and the Urb Health project

Project Objectives

The aim of the thematic network is to establish a cross-national exchange of effective strategies illustrating how urban regeneration practice in Europe can contribute to reducing health inequalities.

The thematic network aims also at promoting larger cooperation between the urban and the health policy sectors by providing examples of how such partnership can be put into action.

In line with the goals of the URBACT programme, the thematic network will strengthen the process of capitalisation and dissemination by undertaking the following objectives:

  • Creating and managing a network of 10 local authorities who are actively engaged in addressing the issues of urban regeneration and health inequalities.
  • 4 multi-sectoral peer review workshops involving 108 key actors, focusing on four target issues, with input from experts.
  • Creating an online learning and exchange resource which will have access to case studies and peer review reports
  • Contributing to disseminate knowledge on healthy urban environment across Europe by addressing a multitude of interrelated issues concerning housing conditions, health, well-being and social welfare.

Expected Results

The Network on Urban Environment and Health will realise the following projected outcomes:

  • Creating a multi-discipline, multi-sector staff development linked exchange programme for 108 key actors from 10 cities / towns,
  • Four topic based reports highlighting good practise and key trends on each of the 4 workshop topics
  • One final cross topic report
  • Generate guidelines for future interventions in areas of poor urban environment and health equality for underpinning European, national, regional and local programmes.
  • 15 electronic newsletters
  • An online learning and exchange resource on the web-site
  • Creation of 50 good practice case studies.


Project Newsletter



Project management

Project management team:


Isabella Haaf

Contact details:
Tel: +34 606 849 937
Fax:+ 32 2 524 44 31




Isabella Haaf is the Partnership Coordinator (Information and Communication) and works closely with the Torino Management Team supporting it in the transnational project development and the organisation of the Peer Review Exchange Workshops.


Torino Management Team:


Luisa Avedano

Contact Details:
Tel: +39 0114432546
Fax: +39 0114432525



Luisa Avendano is the Strategic Project Manager. She is responsible for the overall management of the Urb Health project and will be interacting with the URBACT Secretariat on all issues relating to project development. She is also responsible for the financial management of the project and the coordination of the Management team and the project partners.


Marco Santangelo (Thematic expert)

Contact details:

Tel: +39.3201776568 (mobile)
Fax: +39 0114432525






Mariantonietta Ritrovato (Finance Manager)

Contact details:
Tel. +39.011.4423770
Fax: +39 0114432525





Project Steering Group (PSG)

The Project Steering Group consists of one representatives from each partner. The PSG is responsible for the development and implementation of an agreed action plan to achieve the project goals as well as undertaking regular monitoring of progress against stated targets and outcomes. The project steering group will meet for 3 days at the start of the project and thereafter every six months for 2 days. In addition there will be, as required telephone conferencing in terms of ensuring effective co-ordination and implementation of agreed actions.

Steering Group Members:

Avedano, Luisa , Turin
Bloomfield, Caroline , Belfast
Bromley, Helen , Liverpool
Hickin, Craig, Coventry
Krausz, Marton , Budapest
POUCET, Marie-Line , Charleroi
Remesy, Marie-Claude , Toulouse
Tierney, Geraldine , Belfast

Urb Health Kick off meeting

The Kick off meeting for the Urb Health thematic network took place in Brussels on the 27 and 28 February 2006.

Download documents:


First Steering Group Meeting

The First Steering Group meeting took place in Bratislava on 1 June 2006. It was held following the first Peer Review Workshop.

Download documents:

Second Steering Group meeting

The Second Steering Group meeting will take place in Budapest on 28 September 2006. It will precede the second Peer Review Workshop.

Download documents:

Final project report

The Final Urb Health project report has been published!


Urb Health project leaflet:
Italian (English,Hungarian, Slovak and French translations will be available soon)

Executive Summaries: English, Italian , French (Hungarian and  Slovak translations will be available soon)

Final Project Report (available in English only)






Lead Partner: Turin City Council (Italy)

Belgium: Charleroi - Centre Public d'Action Sociale

France: Toulouse City Council

Hungary: Budapest - Studio Metropolitana

Spain: Federacion de Municipios y Provincias de Castilla la Mancha (FEMPCLM)

Slovakia: Pezinok - Regional Development Agency SENEC


Belfast - North and Weast Health and Social Services

Coventry City Council

Liverpool - Heart of Mersey

The network has already established links with the city of Timisoara in Romania which has expressed an interest in participating in the peer review exchange.