Welcome on Luden.org

LOCAL URBAN DEVELOPMENT EUROPEAN NETWORK (LUDEN) is a network for mutual co-operation which focuses on major transitions that are taking place across the EU and touch cities, towns and the surrounding country side or what is referred to as “rurban”.

LUDEN has a long experience in local development and especially community led local development. The network came into existence in 1989 as result of an initiative undertaken by 19 local authorities in 8 of the former EU 15 Member States. It was originally called Quartiers-en-Crise and then Quartiers –en Crise: European Regeneration Areas Network.The network played a major role in the development of EU Urban Policy through first the Urban Pilot Projects Programme and then through URBAN I and II.

 In 2010 the network changed its name. Firstly because it made no longer any sense to speak of “deprived areas” as the property and land markets in urban areas had created growing gentrification within pockets of such areas and thus a need to focus on micro-level as well as macro level interventions in such areas.

The second reason for the name change relates to the impact of the major transitions.  We are at the start of a number of great transitions -demographic, climatic, energy security, structural levels of long term unemployment and the long term implications of the mountain of unpayable debt that has been created within our financial system.

These transitions mean that we need to move towards new paradigm for local urban development

Our work is focussed on a number of key transitions.

Our members are mainly from the public and third sectors, however membership is also open private sector (for profit) organisations.